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"Allen Wynn's archetypal sculptures call up personal associations from all who see them. These figures may represent any kind of person, anywhere in the world because the artist has freed them from extraneous detail and has state their meaning in the simplest terms. Allen Wynn has taken his impressions from earliest childhood memories through very recent experience and has interpreted them in a universal language.

Allen Wynn's tough, graceful sculptures represent the inner beings of working people that he has known all his life. They are usually women, sometimes accompanied by a child whose role is that of a clear-eyed observer. Occasionally, he will add a bird or a fish, not as an over symbol but as a simple evocation of rural existence. The figures are reserved yet accessible, their train of thought reinforced by gestures as simple as the turn of head or the position of an arm.

Allen Wynn has developed his own sculptural medium in order to achieve the tactile, responsive quality his work requires. He builds a steel or wooden framework, then a fiberglass mixture is applied. He adds thin layers of this substance to the armature, adding and subtracting and modeling until the contours and the textures are right. This artist uses different paints for each patina creating an effect subtle, depth that changes according to the light and time of the day.

Allen Wynn's sculptures are monumental in proportion, whether they are large or small in size. They are ageless in style and timeless in their emotional and intellectual content."

Suzanne Deats, Santa Fe Arts Writer