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Allen Wynn's unique and unusual artworks have caught the eye of many collectors. His creations evoke emotions, take one back in time and remind the viewer of something once precious and dear to behold. His contemporary masterpieces possess a raw primeval quality that captivates art lovers from coast to coast Those who have purchased an Allen Wynn sculpture have been drawn to it because it is so different. Allen is constantly absorbing images, shapes, and colors which he turns over and over in his mind until he begins his process. His work is frequently on display in select galleries, and he is always happy to give talks about his work. From Boston, Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California Allen Wynn Designs accepts commissions for sculptures.

About Allen Wynn

Allen has been creating art for over 25 years. His early works were inspired and mentored by Clyde Connell. Watching her work at her studio in rural Louisiana with paper mache and metals, he launched a style to capture life as he sees it. Over the years, he has enjoyed working with mixed media - using metal, wood and fiberglass. Nothing is perfectly shaped because he uses texture to make each work unique and slightly different from one another. Rawness is the key element of his creations. Many of his pleased clients come back to have him incorporate some of their ideas into a new commission. This creates a bond between the artist and his patrons as he helps them connect with their past.

Nowadays, Allen works extensively in bronze and produces new collections seasonally.

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